We all like to look our best, and one of the things people notice first about others is their skin. We seem to have been created with an instinct to judge skin. Not the colour, but the condition of skin. When we talk to people with problem skin, we often have an adverse reaction that is hard to explain. When we meet someone with healthy, beautiful skin, we feel quite different. With maturity, we learn to overlook some things, but all of us want to have the healthiest skin because we know that it is an advantage in society to be attractive. Here are some ways you can protect and improve your skin condition.

  1. Water: the easiest method of caring for your skin is to stay hydrated. Your skin looks better when the cells are plump. But your skin also relies on water to transport metabolic waste materials out of the cells. Water is readily available, and most people do not drink enough.
  2. Vitamins: Another vital factor in skincare is nutrition. Your skin is a good indicator of the kind of food and chemicals you allow into your body. Highly processed foods that release free radicals into your system will hurt your appearance, and free radicals are hard on skin cells affecting their elasticity. But healthy natural food will provide essential nutrients like vitamin E and collagen to help your skin restore its youthful appearance.
  3. Use Natural Products: Another way we damage our skin is through cleaning and cosmetics. Our skin is not designed to handle the chemical scrubs and harsh antibacterial soaps that are so common. It is much better to wash frequently with gentle, naturally sourced products, like those you find at the soap factory (known as โรงงานผลิตสบู่ราคาถูก in Thai). Being gentle with your skin will avoid causing unnecessary stress.
  4. Stay Out of the Sun: The sun is good and bad for our skin. We need to have a certain amount of sunshine to create the vitamin D we need to fight disease. However, about 15 minutes of exposure without sunblock is sufficient for your daily requirement. After that, the sun won’t do you any favours. The UV rays are destructive to skin cells, destroying elasticity and causing pre-cancer conditions too.
  5. Don’t Smoke: There are many reasons not to smoke. But if you need another, smoking also damages skin cells, and smoking is toxic and just bad news all around.

With healthy living, skin care comes easily. Most of the things you can do to improve your skin condition will also make you healthier overall.

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