How to Use Instagram For Business Success

When seeking to gain more Instagram followers, the key is understanding the difference between a paying campaign and an organic approach. The organic difference is quite important: at times brands take the easy path by resorting to paid websites and likes.

However, these shortcuts aren’t always worth it, because the Instagram algorithm is constantly evolving to weed out poor quality, fake profiles and isolated interactions, making paid websites and ‘likes’ obsolete. In this article we’ll discuss why quality is so important in Instagram and how to gain quality Instagram followers (seguidores) for your business.

Quality, or shoppable posts, are vital to the success of your Instagram account. They’re what people will ultimately click on to read your instagram stories and to ‘like’ your page in general. However, it’s not enough just to have nice photos and interesting content; if you want your Instagram followers to engage with you on a deeper level, too often you see businesses relying solely on instagram marketing to attract new customers.

This is a big mistake, which many small businesses make without realising it. The problem with instagram is that the audience is a highly targeted one: because it’s such a popular platform, there is a very good chance that anyone searching for something relevant to your niche will end up on instagram first.

That’s where the real value in having an instagram account comes in. If you want to increase instagram followers for your online business, you must focus on gaining a wider audience rather than attracting a specific target group. For instance, if you run a fashion blog, the ideal way to attract attention is to post photographs of new clothes being worn by famous celebrities. Whilst this may appeal to some, many others would likely be less impressed with hundreds of shots of celebrities wearing the same clothes, all taken from the instagram account of a clothing store.

The best way to boost instagram followers for your online business, therefore, is to find ways to increase engagement between users in different parts of the platform. One way to do this is to use the hash tags on the page itself – if you place a series of hashtags at the start or end of each picture, you’ll be able to tell search engines what your actual page is about, thus increasing the chances of your posts being shown when someone searches for a particular keyword.

As many followers as you have, you should aim to work out what the most popular hash tags are, as these can provide the biggest opportunities for people to click through to your page. The more popular your hashtags are, the better engagement you’ll get from users who want to learn more about what you’re up to.

Another strategy to help you attract more instagram followers is to think about how you can update your followers about the products that you sell or the services that you offer as soon as you post a new photo or video.

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