6ImpressiveETF Trading Strategies 

A concrete understanding of the ETF market will be possible if trading strategies are established and followed. But the difficult thing is to create a profitable strategy. The right expectations and following the process can help the traders in Singapore to make the business rule more profitable. A little bit of knowledge and skills and the trading indicators can create a more stable business position. In this article, we will learn about some crucial ETF trading strategies that can ensure you success in the Forex market.

Crucial ETF Trading strategies 

1.      Trend trading

Both novice and experienced traders use this uncomplicated trading method. It is based on the trending market situation, which is continuously changing the nature and characteristics of the market. The prevailing direction and the suitable time frame are the crucial things that can affect the target market. Trend trading is a long-term trading strategy that can show the direction of the retail market. In this process, the risk-reward ratio will determine the exit points, and an oscillator can identify the entry points of the trade deals. So, the stop-loss distance will be balanced with the risk-reward ratio if the result is positive.

2.      Range trading

This process is relatively simple and more straightforward than the previous one. Range Forex trading involves investors to place the trades in some resistance and support zone. It is not such an easy task for the businessmen. So, this trading strategy should be a critical one to win the business deal. Technical knowledge and analysis are more important than the fundamental learnings in this business strategy. It has fewer qualities to manage the volatile market. Another notable benefit of range trading is the flexible time frame. It can work equally in both shorter and longer time frames. The breakouts from the trade deals will be easier if the traders follow and maintain this trading strategy. But for that, you must focus on a high end trading environment. Visit https://www.home.saxo/en-sg/products/etf  and get a clear idea about a professional trading environment.

3.      Day trading

Day trading has a shorter time frame, minutes to hours, rather than days or weeks. Many traders like the day trading method because of the suitable and flexible timeframe. Before closing the market, all the trade position can be managed for the business. Conducting multiple-day traders will be more accessible for gaining more profit. This strategy has a vast number of opportunities to be successful as the risk-reward ratio is more controllable.

4.      Swing trading

Swing trading needs some technical analysis and long-term investment. This trading strategy is suitable for investors who are able to make the business deals more technically rather than manually. In this method, the time frame is shorter at times. However, investors often prefer using the longer time frame to win trade deals. To maximize the profit, swing trading is a better option.

5.      Price action trading

This strategy is more analytical and often takes a long time to get the result. It includes the historical price charts, and base on that, the decisions are taken. The business indicators can be applied to this trading strategy independently. As a result, a fruitful decision is easier to make. There is no suitable time frame for this business strategy. It can cope with the longer, shorter, and medium time frames. This flexibility makes the approach popular to the beginners and experienced traders.

6.      Forex scalping

The phenomena scalping means the process of making a large profit by adding the small profits for multiple times. Investors often use the indicators to create a valid trade deal. The trading skills and the shorter time frame can make a better solution in Forex scalping.


These are the practical strategies that can be followed by the businessmen to be successful in trading career. More patience and a disciplined manner can influence and improve your trading performance. To be consistent with gaining profit, these are the proper guidelines.

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